Our Made-to-Order Line, since 1857

The entirety of our Made-to-Order collection that we produce in Greenwich Village has been estimated at 50,000 patterns. We are introducing nearly 3,000 of these to begin with on our website as we continue to photograph our extensive product line and make them available on the web.

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We have kept the numbers seen in our pattern books that date to our founding in the mid 19th century. There are duplicate numbers between hardware groups; you may find a knob and a lever both labeled “413” for instance. Please give both the item number and hardware type when speaking with a salesperson.


Motifs are very similar between the major decorative periods this hardware represents; matching hardware can be found between English and Louis XVI styles, Gothic and Renaissance, etc. We have done our best to categorize this large collection into cohesive groups but do not be concerned if you find two items that are not labeled the same but match together.


Finishes seen for the majority of our made-to-order items are the result of, in some cases, over 100 years of wear in a hardware showroom. These images are available to show the designs we have available; items ordered now will match finishes seen on our finishes page. We may be able to match some of the finishes seen on our historic samples at an additional cost, but it may not be possible to replicate in some cases.

Please note that in some rare cases, the pattern may have been lost for items shown on the website with our glass-plate images only. If you select an item and the pattern is missing, we will offer the closest match for your approval.